Kera O'Bryon Actress and Voice Talent


Kera O'Bryon: Actress, Singer, Voice TalentKera O’Bryon

  • Actor-singer-dancer-voice-over
  • Height: 5’6.5”
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: blue
  • Performer Skills
  • Employment Details

Work History:

  • Voice Over, Radio, Theater, Internet, Television, Film, Music Video, Commercial, Industrial
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Casting, Acting, Production.

Performance Features

  • Performance Skills: Improvisation, Teleprompter, Dancing, Singing, Stunts, Voiceover, Host
  • Athletic Skills: Golf, Aerobics, Track & Field, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball, Rollerblading, Tennis, Cycling
  • Accents: Canadian, British, Irish, New York (Brooklyn), New York (Bronx), Cockney, Midwest, New England
  • Musical Instruments: Piano, Autoharp, Recorder, Drums, Percussion Dance: Line, Hip Hop, Tap, Salsa, Modern, Tango, Disco, Swing, Club/Freestyle, Waltz, Flamenco, Ballroom
  • Special Skils: Recording artist, sound effects and animal noises, ventriloquism, , Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, in-home recording studio, ISDN, horse-back riding, skiing, swimming, (most sports), running in high heels, mimic

Actress, Singer, Voice Talent
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