Kera O'Bryon Actress and Voice Talent


From the hills of Tennessee comes this heart-warming true story of Regen Morris. The youngest son of his family, Regen was an avid tennis player and leading scorer for his middle school basketball team. In 2012, Regan began the fight for his life when he was diagnosed with three malignant tumors and a rare and painful neurological disease. No matter the inward pain and suffering, Regen always beamed a pleasant smile. His story and that smile became contagious in the small community of Gatlinburg, TN and spilled over to the tourist town of Pigeon Forge.

Soon, all throughout the Smoky Mountains you could hear the words ‘Rootin’ 4 Regen’ echoed from every small community. It was those small communities that took that young child’s prayer around the world. From celebrities to churches and corporations to politicians everyone was ‘Rootin’ 4 Regen!’ The film ‘Regen’ shows how this young boys life and this trite slogan became much more than a plea for healing; but a spiritual movement compelling us all to be joyful and thankful in all circumstances.

Actress, Singer, Voice Talent
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